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TITANIUM 2011 will open on October 2th 2011

On October 2th 2011, TITANIUM 2011 will open at Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina  .

TITANIUM 2011 will give attendees many opportunities to exchange ideas with industry leaders and gain invaluable insight into the global state of the titanium industry.


  • The mission for TITANIUM 2011 will be to provide global insights on the state of the titanium industry from a world perspective.
  • Many managers from prime contractors as well as sub-tier suppliers attend TITANIUM as they recognize the effi ciency of attending such a event.
  • Since there are producers, distributors and fabricators from all parts of the world across several consuming market segments at TITANIUM, it is a very cost eff ective means for the delegates to meet with a wide variety of customers and vendors in a single trip.
  • The TITANIUM Conference off ers the only opportunity to hear from leading industry executives and attend panel discussions on market topics that aff ect each industry segment, all in one place.
  • Attendance is open and includes top decision makers in the industry, thereby providing a unique networking opportunity.

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