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csimsoft Releases Bolt 1.2-Enhances push-button mesh generation tool

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH, January 24, 2017 — csimsoft, a leading developer of simulation tools for computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis, today announced the general release of Bolt version 1.2.

The Bolt release includes enhancements to the boundary-meshing algorithm, improved adaptive mesh refinement, and improvements to the user experience, including the addition of context menus, hotkeys, and new meshing options. A new Beta tab includes several beta features that users can use and provide feedback.

"This Bolt release improves both the user experience and the quality of the mesh," said Paul Ressler, csimsoft Director of Sales and Marketing. "User now have access to shortcuts and menus that make using Bolt easier. The real significant improvements are to the meshing core, allowing users to mesh difficult model with better quality."

Bolt uses a grid-overlay method for meshing STL and other facet models. Bolt removes mesh elements that lie outside the model and uses a sophisticated approach to generate high-quality mesh elements at the boundary.

About csimsoft

csimsoft is a leading developer of simulation tools for generating high-quality precision meshes for computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. csimsoft, founded in 2004 to commercialize Sandia National Laboratory's Cubit software , is now the sole provider of the enhanced meshing tool, known as Trelis. csimsoft is headquartered in Utah. For more information, visit www.csimsoft.com

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