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China has become the world's largest titanium producer and consumer

Titanium is known as the "all powerful metal", and it is high-quality, lightweight, corrosion resistant structural materials, new functional materials and important biological material as well as important strategic metal. The conference will focus on four years titanium science and technology development of titanium, including the extraction and smelt of titanium, processing, organization, performance, molding technology and applications on aviation, aerospace, marine, biology and other fields. More than 1,000 delegates from 34 countries and regions, attended the conference.

Zhou Lian, president of the Conference, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told Technology Daily reporter that after 50 years of development, China's titanium industry has made remarkable achievements. Especially in latest 10 years, China's titanium industry is in rapid development, annual production of titanium processed products continues to grow. China has become the world's largest titanium producer and consumer. During 2005 to 2007 the growth rate of China's titanium industry has reached more than 80%, conditions and equipment for titanium industry has been greatly improved, from 3-15 ton vacuum consumable arc furnace developed to advanced electron-beam cooling bed furnace and plasma beam cooling bed furnace; from 1250 tons conventional forging machine to 1600-4500 tons fast forging machine, and then to the advanced precision forging machines, which have demonstrated the rapid progress of China's titanium technology.
Zhou Lian also pointed out that there is still a gap between China’s study level and worlds advanced technology: related basis research is insufficient; common research tools are already available, but lack of depth; attention on research of new applications is not enough. "In this World Titanium forum, under the premise of completing national project targets, the domestic counterparts discussed how to a consensus of goals in next 3-5 years, to establish China's innovative research in titanium, standing in the first phalanx of international research, making titanium industry in China achieve a qualitative leap.

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