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Animator - The Trendsetting Post-Processor for FEM Analysis FEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真

Animator4 is a post-processor for a wide range of finite element analysis (FEA) applications. The program is based on almost 20 years of experience in project work for the automotive industry and its predecessor Animator3. Started in the early '90s, earlier versions of the program were exclusively developed for the automobile manufacturers VOLKSWAGEN and AUDI.

Cubit--high-end pre-process software for full hexahedron FEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真

Cubit Overview

High-end Modeling

Cubit is a CAD toolkit used to generate volume and surface meshes for CFD and FEA analysis. Its main focus is large hex meshes for complex, interlocking assemblies. Mesh generation algorithms include quadrilateral and triangular paving, 2D and 3D mapping, hex sweeping and multi-sweeping, tet meshing, and various special purpose primitives. Cubit contains many algorithms for controlling and automating much of the meshing process, such as automatic scheme selection, interval matching, sweep grouping and sweep verification, and also includes state-of-the-art smoothing algorithms.

Flexible Geometry Preparation

One of Cubit's strengths is its ability to import and mesh geometry from a variety of CAD packages. Cubit currently integrates the ACIS, Granite, and Catia geometry kernels directly within its code base, allowing direct manipulation of the native CAD geometry format within Cubit. This reduces the errors and anomalies so often associated with geometry translation. CGM also boasts a facet-based geometry kernel developed at Sandia that can be used for remeshing or editing old mesh files or models defined by triangle facets. In addition, Cubit has developed a comprehensive virtual geometry capability that permits local composites and partitions to geometry without modifying the underlying native geometry representation. The user can choose to ignore, clean-up or add features to the model allowing greater flexibility to meshing algorithms to generate better quality elements.

Intuitive Environment

Cubit includes both a convenient command line interface with an extensive command language as well as a polished graphical user interface environment. The GUI is based upon the cross-platform standard QT, which allows the same look and feel on all supported platforms. Also included is a graphical environment based upon the VTK graphics standard which has been optimized for display and manipulation of finite element data and geometry. Fast, interactive manipulation of the model is a tremendous advantage for models with thousands of parts or millions of elements.

FINE--serial innovative design tools for loundspeaker FEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真

 A good loudspeaker performance is a high correlation of listener preferences with high-resolution measurements of on-axis and off-axis magnitude response. Also with a wide bandwidth, flat and smooth magnitude response, and uniformly wide dispersion factor.

In order to achieve many of these desirable design features, computer-aided design of loudspeaker systems has become an important tool in the loudspeaker designer's daily work.

FINEMotor and FINECone are routinely used by the world's larger loudspeaker companies in an effort to control the many complex parameters that affect the performance of a complete loudspeaker system.

Certain transducers, usually used as a low frequency source that employs a moving-coil magnetoelectricity structure(in the 10 to 1000 Hz frequency region). Innovations of FINEMotor over the moving-coil transducer units include design improvements for SPL,T/S, coil parameters, optimized heat dissipation, increased moving-coil copper density, more rugged construction, and stiffer laminated stainless steel and epoxy piston dome.

FEDEM--Full Flex Multi-body Dynamics Systerm FEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真

Fedem Simulation software is a multibody dynamics package based on the Finite Element Method. It uses FE-models as flexible parts natively and because of an excellent reduction technique, the dynamics solution is approximately as fast as a rigid body solution. Fedem can thus handle simulations of long time series of large FE-assemblies at the speed of normal multibody systems. This, together with our virtual strain gauges, makes Fedem ideal for Fatigue assessments. Fedem can also be used as a conventional MBS package without utilizing the FE capabilities. In that mode Fedem also introduces flexibility for each part that can be tuned and used for studying the effect of flexibility in a particular assembly. Embedded is a Control Systems editor and solver which makes it easy to create complex events and model other subsystems, such as hydraulics and actuators. In Fedem users can assemble all their information of the structural and mechanical properties of a product, to create a complete virtual model. The simulation produces all the results you need to get a complete understanding of the mechanical behaviour of the model.

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