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Material Analysis Solution


FEAPro Engineering has a proven track record for innovation and our solutions incorporate a thorough validation process. Our main activities at the moment are:

  • FEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真Development of thermodynamic calculation solutions.
  • Development of materials database.
  • Metallurgical numerical calculation solutions recommendation.
  • General materials science consultancy.

We provide the total solution in metallurgical process.

  • Stable and metastable phase equilibria
  • Solidification behaviour and properties
  • Mechanical properties
  • Thermo-physical and physical properties
  • Phase transformations
  • Chemical properties
  • Casting simulation
  • Thermodynamic calculations

FEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真Numerical calculations will be an important part of technical calculations in the future. We can provide you with the thermodynamic tools, such as An integrated computational environment for phase diagram calculation and materials property simulation of multi-component systems, which can help you to optimize your processes, develop new materials and assist you in your research and teaching activities.

With our numerical simulation platform, Complex calculations are completed with only a few mouse clicks. It is easy for a novice to use and effective for an expert.