FEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真

FEDEM--Full Flex Multi-body Dynamics Systerm

Fedem Simulation software is a multibody dynamics package based on the Finite Element Method. It uses FE-models as flexible parts natively and because of an excellent reduction technique, the dynamics solution is approximately as fast as a rigid body solution. Fedem can thus handle simulations of long time series of large FE-assemblies at the speed of normal multibody systems. This, together with our virtual strain gauges, makes Fedem ideal for Fatigue assessments. Fedem can also be used as a conventional MBS package without utilizing the FE capabilities. In that mode Fedem also introduces flexibility for each part that can be tuned and used for studying the effect of flexibility in a particular assembly. Embedded is a Control Systems editor and solver which makes it easy to create complex events and model other subsystems, such as hydraulics and actuators. In Fedem users can assemble all their information of the structural and mechanical properties of a product, to create a complete virtual model. The simulation produces all the results you need to get a complete understanding of the mechanical behaviour of the model.

LS-DYNA--A combined Implicit/Explicit solver

is a scalable code for solving highly nonlinear transient problems enabling the solution of coupled multi-physics and multi-stage problems. Reduces customer costs  by enabling massively parallel processing. Multicore processors have resulted in a drastic reduction in computer hardware costs and a huge increase in LS-DYNA licenses worldwide. LS-DYNA affords increased computation speed thereby improving scalability.  The developer of LS-DYNA, LSTC, continuously recodes existing algorithms and develops more efficient methodologies